package package 2 verb [transitive]
1. TRANSPORT also package up to wrap or pack something so that it is ready to be sent somewhere:

• Many firms send components overseas to be packaged.

• materials for packaging food and consumer products

— packaged adjective :

• nutritional labeling on packaged food

• the Anglo-Dutch packaged goods giant Unilever

2. MARKETING to put goods or services together and sell them as a set :

• The company packaged the software with other IBM products.

3. MARKETING to prepare something for sale, especially by adding something to it or by making it more attractive to buyers:

• She built a video empire by packaging her own fitness routines and selling them to millions of Americans.

4. FINANCE if a financial institution packages loans, it buys the loans from lenders such as banks and uses the loans as backing for bonds. The financial institution uses the repayments on these loans to make payments to investors who buy the bonds. Money that the lenders get from the financial institution when it sells the bonds is used to make more loans to customers:

• As seller of the mortgages, American Mortage forwarded repayments to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, which had bought the loans and packaged them into securities.

— see also asset-backed security security

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packaged UK US /ˈpækɪdʒd/ adjective COMMERCE
sold in a package: »

The majority of food sold in supermarkets is packaged.


They stock frozen, canned, and packaged goods.


Prevent or reduce waste by avoiding buying over-packaged goods.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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